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Aug 10, 2013 4:00am PDT
-tv, channel 26 and 78, i believe. and we want to thank sean tai who prior to this has done the videos for the board meeting. and would you please come up to the podium? thank you. the health service board would like to thank sean tai the founder of zty media for his excellent service documenting health service board meeting since october 2010. we commend shane for his professional dedication and technical expertise. this creation of the hss youtube channel has provided meeting access to hss members, elected officials, news media, and others who could not attend in person. these recordings were also used to document requests and questions posed by the board and public comment. in addition to his work for hss, we would like to acknowledge sean's commitment to the oakland digital arts and literary center, a nonprofit that empowers students and small businesses in undeserved communities to succeed in the digital economy. we encourage sean tai and zty media to be among the vendors that bid on other digital video services proposals issued by health service system. the members of the health
Aug 20, 2013 5:00pm EDT
had 15 slash marks on both hands. paul so covering the trial. paul? >> sean when vaneszy was stab indeed her car of june of 2010. police release the few details about what happened and what they found in her car in the fairfax plaza shopping center. they never revealed a baby bottle was found. they never revealed a baby dip diaper was in the car. vanesza put up quite a fight before she was killed. >> holeiogarcia grips the defense table as doctor williams described in detail how vanesza lost her life on june 272010. fighting with both hands before fatalally stabbed in the neck and chest. >> this will not be immediately fatal tell take time for her to bleed. bleeding out is the mechanism of her death. she bled out. >> doctor williams said she had slash and stab wounds to face, chest and knees. would to be painful? would she have time to think? to both questions doctor williams said, yes. today's familiar revealed police found item in her car including a cloth baby diaper and a baby bottle. clare mc donald a friend took the stand and said she had been in the teens car the night b
Aug 30, 2013 11:35pm PDT
porcentaje de esta comunidad sean adolecentes abandonados a su suerte es una primicia. justin dejÓ su hogar en zinz Ñato antes de cumplir su mayorÍa de edad, buscÓ trabajo a travÉs de internet, pero nunca lo consiguiÓ. para retar a la adversidad se mudÓ a miami. lleva consigo una carpa y literalmente duerme en un rincÓn de la ciudad. son 200 deslars Ólares a el mes segÚn la coaliciÓn de desamparados en miami, cientos de ad lea exentoss y jÓvenes entre los 13 y 24 aÑos de edad no tienen un hogar. y para hallarlos decidieron hacer un conteo en calles de la florida. encontraron 300 que sobreviven a duras penas. los resultados de la investigaciÓn son preocupantes, el 40% de todos los adolescentes que estÁn deseamos buenolando en las calles de estados unidos, enfrentan problemas de identidad sexuales. sus familiares los quieren heterosexuales o de lo contrario, quedan a la deriva en las calles. los jÓvenes estÁn confundidos de su sexualidad y tienen problemas con sus padres de esta situaciÓn. y estÁn peleando con sus padres. >>> la ciudad de seattle es la que tiene mayor nÚmer
Aug 17, 2013 2:00am PDT
limbaugh and sean hannity as the hosts, i actually think what they're doing is creating more opportunity for them to highlight some of the more fringe positions of the party which is not really what they ought to be doing. >> i thought that the autopsy made a lot of sense and one of the things, i'm paraphrasing, one of the things in the autopsy said we need to get out of the echo chamber. i remember, and i've said this before, that on wednesday morning after the election there were folks that were just mystified by how obama had won because they were solely dependent on drudge, talk radio and fox news. it seems like in contrast to the autopsy finding from the rnc, they're going right back into that direction. >> that's the answer. let's get rush and sean hannity to moderate debates. in all honesty, i kind of want that to happen. i think for many republicans out there that want the party to change, to move forward in a different direction, it has to hit rock bottom first. and maybe having sean hannity and rush limbaugh host a debate, we would actually hit rock bottom and we would be able
FOX News
Aug 3, 2013 7:00pm PDT
panels. is that true? >> no, it's not true. i live obamacare every day in the examining room, sean, and you know what i see? we got them more expensive insurance. we promised them more doctors and nurses, instead we have more irs agents. this entire law is about expanded insurance too expens e expensive, we can't afford it, our patients can't afford it, and the ones that told me who were on the fringe that said to me, i can't wait until this law comes because i'm going to have coverage and be able to see you, now they're ending up with part-time jobs and worrying if they're going to have insurance at all. >> steve forbes, you are one of the best money men in the country. you understand the finances of this. will businesses really not be able to hire full-time workers? are they cutting back on full-time workers as a result of not wanting to meet that 30-hour requirement? >> if you're a small business, absolutely. your margins are small, therefore, you don't have the ability if you have a large profit margin to do this, and in the face of uncertainty, you hold back and see how actua
Aug 11, 2013 11:00pm PDT
contrato además es alerta roja que los pagos sean por medio de organizaciones. >> josé ángel y su esposa sara primero probaron las llaves y fueron a revisar antes de entregar el dinero. >> gracias a su precaución la familia rocha viven hace 3 años acá y a gusto en lo que buscaban, >> la alcaldía de san francisco entrega información de lugares en renta y recuerde que si es demasiado bueno puede ser estafa. >> muchísimas gracias además las rentas en san francisco están por las nubes. las platicas entre empresa y trabajadores del bart no llegan a acuerdo pero hasta el 10 de octubre hay servicio sin interrupciones. en san francisco se prohibio que en el bart se vayan a huelga hasta esa fecha pues complicaría a la comunidad. >> hay diferentes opiniones al respecto. >> no deberían reclamar tanto al fin y al cabo tienen trabajo y otros no. >> yo apoyo a los trabajadores del bart. >> el juez por petición del gobernador de california jerry brown dio esta orden. >> esta declaración dice aclamo al gobernador brown por hacer lo necesario para que la comunidad de la bahía no sufra el al
FOX News
Aug 27, 2013 6:00pm PDT
paid for using chemical weapons. for war crimes. by the way, sean. the civilian slaughter is also war crimes. we've sat by and done nothing to really counteract that, or punish that type of war crime. again, this point in time for america to start to lead -- this president to lead. to come before congress and get the approval of congress to do this, he should be able to make this case, i think if he tries to make it, he'll get the boot from congress. >> thank you for being with us. appreciate it, joining me with reaction to this developing story. ann coulter is with us. two big questions i have here. if they're not going for regime change, we have two big questions before us, number one, we have the israelis. now, if iran and syria are saying if they get a cruise missile attack, they're going to attack israel. is the president prepared to defend them? >> no. >> and number two. >> let's start with that one. >> wait a minute. we have to consider that. and what's the point then of lobbying missiles -- >> it's very depressing talking about foreign policy, whenever a democrat is president,
Aug 6, 2013 10:00pm PDT
, information officer sean smith and two former navy s.e.a.l.s. that search for answers could not be any more relevant than tonight, as u.s. embassies and consulates around the world are closed or on high alert. prevents another attack means getting to the truth of what happened there. we go back to benghazi of where it all began to investigate why all the attacks happened. plus, john king gets to the bottom of the talking points and the evolving story coming out of washington in the days and weeks after the attacks. to presidential politics lead to a coverup? and what did the families of the four lost americans want most? you'll hear from them directly. but first, we go back to the hours before the attack. september 11. in america, a day of solemn remembrance. in 2012, a day of violence in the middle east. demonstrators storm the u.s. embassy in cairo, angry over a low-rent film made in the u.s. that mocks the prophet muhammad. in neighboring libya, ambassador christopher stevens is in benghazi, a city known for upheaval. stevens knew benghazi well. during the civil war that ousted moammar g
FOX News
Aug 10, 2013 2:00am PDT
questions on a wide variety of issues. welcome to the special edition of hannity. i'm in tonight for sean. earlier, our commander in chief spent most of his time at the podium talking about how he plans to have more trans papercy in his administration when it comes to the nsa surveillance program and while the obama administration would like all news outlets to spend their valuable air time to focus on his meager attempt to, quote, restore the public's trust, there was one key topic the president seemed to gloss over. the failing economy. and folks, let's be honest. at the end of the day, that is the most pressing issue facing americans today. joining me now with reaction, radio talk show host, fox news contributor leslie marshall and republican strategist, noel, ladies, good evening. >> good evening. >> so leslie, let me throw it to you and let's look at the number of full time jobs versus part-time jobs added in july. and what this really means to the american people when productivity, 1978 levels, tepid at best recovery, why isn't the president speaking up on the economy? where's the p
Aug 20, 2013 4:00pm EDT
garcia: emily, this call for you from a sean mcallister came to my phone accidentally. it sounded very important. sean. i was gonna call you back. i just--i got busy on a case. ian doyle vanished from prison. interpol can't find him. what are you saying? he's off the grid, emily. [ring] prentiss, what's going on with you? i've been watching you the last couple of days and something is obviously bothering you. derek, because i like you, i'm going to ask you not to do this. [tires screeching] [speaking french] i want to talk to sean. they got her. drop the phone. get on the ground, now. am i in danger? we all are. tsia, it's emily. where are you? bois du boulogne. well, that's a significant change of address. that's not the only change. i got engaged. wow. so you and jeremy are gonna... that's great. that's great. emily, what's wrong? have you heard from sean? yes, he's been calling me for days. but you haven't talked to him? i don't work for him anymore. i'm out. so's doyle. sean thinks we're all in danger. but i was the only one who had any personal connection to him. as far as do
Aug 6, 2013 6:30pm PDT
casados o viven en otras residencias, mientras sean menores de 26 aÑos. >>> es importante recalcar que las compaÑÍas de seguro no podrÁn rechazar a las personas por problemas de salud preexistentes. >>> despuÉs que nueve peloteros suspendidoss por dopaje en repÚblica dominicana se preguntan ¿por quÉ ellos?. >>> hablamos con dirigentes del deporte y atletas sobre esto, volvemos. repÚblica dominicana nueve de los atletas, entre ellos alex rodriguez. >>> ¿es casualidad que muchos sean dominicanos?. buscamos respuestas entre mÉdicos, dirigentes del deporte y atletas. >>> sanciÓn a nueve peloteros dominicanos en grandes ligas por violar la polÍtica anti dopaje causÓ mconmociÓn en la repÚblic dominicana. >>> el caso es lamentable, hubo personas que no se esperaba que estaba. >>> la talla de algunos, la posibilidad raÍz del problema radica en que en este paÍs no existe regulaciÓn sobre el uso de esteroides, se pueden adquirir en cualquier farmacia. >>> una cultura del uso de esteroides en nuestro paÍs, es un problema de tipo cultural que es fomentado por padres, entrenadores, m
Aug 12, 2013 11:00pm PDT
luego que el gobernador dice que los estudiantes transgeneros podrán usar los baños que sean acordes a la identidad de género, vamos con los detalles. >> no todos están de acuerdo y es que los jóvenes transgeneros podrán gozar de sus derechos. >> sí, es bueno para la comunidad lgbt. >> él señala que la ley firmada por el gobernador jerry brown es un hecho histórico. >> el gobernador firmó la ley para que los estudiantes transgeneros puedan usar los baños que más se ajusten a su identidad sexual, independientemente de su sexo de nacimiento. >> no estoy en contra de nadie, pero si mira un poco confuso para mí, y prefiero que mejor trataran de hacer un baño exclusivo para esas personas. ->> según el periódico la ley entraría en efecto el próximo año. >> nosotros preguntamos en facebook su opinión. >> stephanie dice, es un orgullo ser transgénero y somos parte de la misma socieda,de gracias gobernador. >> se respeta,. >> pero en lugares públicos solo hay baños para damas y caballeros. >> ahí están ambos lados de la moneda. >> la patrulla de camino de californ
Aug 15, 2013 11:00pm PDT
nuestra zona. >> todos los años las escuelas piden que eviten que sus hijos sean víctimas de rbos de identidad, es que esto podrían cometer fradudes en contra de los menores. >> el crédito es el punto principal, con esto se maneja todo en el país y la oportunidad de comenzar un nuevo comienzo, si no cuidamos el crédito, no podremos recibir esos beneficios. >> cuando menores de edad el delito puede pasar desapercibido. >> algunos estados de la nación cuenta con leyes y así evietar que sean víctimas de fraudes, déjeme decirle que hay una ley para proteger los registros de los estudiantes. >> se trata de la ley de los hijos, el departamento de educación dice que hay sectores más vulnerables que otros. >> tienen mayor riesgos de sufrir robo de identidad. >> se estima que uno de cada 10 niños emnfrentara este problema. >> es muy importante que cuando los jóvenes cumplan mayoría de edad continúen con su educación. >> estudios realizados muestran que por lo menos 10% han tenido actividad crediticia. en malasia continúa el compás de espera para ver si le perdonan la vida
Aug 22, 2013 11:00pm PDT
para nuestros residente de manera que no sean afectados. >> iniciaron el pasado mes de Ábril la huelga. >> ahora estamos tratando de llegar a un acuerdo con ellos y a un buen contrato. >> pero hasta ahora esto no ha ocurrido. >> los trabajadores van a seguir dando los servicios, pero la comunidad está desconcertada. >> no hay muchos servicios de emergencia y ahora que uno habla tiene que esperar mucho. >> dentro de las negociaciones el condado de santa clara ofrece un contrato pero no están de acuerdo con este contrato, este es mi reporte en vivo, fabio lacayo noticias u'nivisión 14. >> el incendio forestal en el parque yosemite fue declarado estado de emergencia y en el bosque de stanilaos, la autopista estatal 120 está cerrada. >> los equipos de tacticas especiales en el Área de la bahía se dedicaron que buscar los indigentes que han cometido delitos de indole sexual, alrededor de 30 agentes se desplazaron en busca de agresores sexuales que no se registraron con la policía. >> encontraron un cultivo de marihuana con 200 plantas de marihuana en el garage de la vivienda. >> el
Aug 28, 2013 5:35am PDT
fueron erradicadas hace muchos aÑos sean contraÍdas por los pequeÑos. nos hablan de este requisito que sirve para tener cobertura de salud en la llamada ley obama ca re. >>> llevar las libretas y los lÁpices a la escuela en este regreso a clases es im para ahora tanto. pero es mÁs im poportante llega saluble al salÓn de clases. >>> es un gran avance de la medicina moderna. >>> previenen enfermedades in febreroing tÍoss a partir del primero de enero del 2014 bajo la nueva ley de salud si lleva a vacunar a sus hijos no tiene que hacer el co pago en los seguros mÉdicos. >>> y la idea no es que sean gratis si no requisito para tener cobertura en salud. >>> la idea, es simple prevenir es mejor que lidiar con las enfermedades. algunas de ellas, creerÍamos que les habÍamos ganado la batalla y no es asÍ. >>> enfermedades como sarampiÓn y tosferina, se encontraron erradicadas en estados unidos. resurgen y ponen en alerta a la comunidad cientÍfica, ante el aumento del nÚmero de casos desde 1955 no se habÍan registrado tantos enfermos de tosferina como en el 2012. se reportaron 42 mil
Aug 2, 2013 6:30pm PDT
tambiÉn pottunto final a esto que sean recuerdos que vrevivan e ese 6 de mayo que maco ala aveni avenida, etelemundo . >> por cierto el banco de la aiueuelÑo Ño de la casa quier e las casas de los lados, consturuisr parque comunita comunitario, mencionamos hasta hoy hjayaty 1y 1,3 mllillones de dÓlares para las vcÍctimas . >> california liberara recullusos de prisiones para aliviar el acsi asinamiento , rechanzan de lpaplano petriciicioÓn de retrasar la orden , 3 juecees quieren bajar numeÚmero de reclusos porque el asinamiento e es tal que no reciben cuidados a adecuados de salud . >> algunos pueden ser llevados a carceleÁrceles del condado . >> cnonfirmado autoridades de sla slauds salud en esu uy stados unidos confirma confirman cicloesporiasis por en ensalada en bolsa ede una cia compaÑÍa mexinacana con sede en ca california , las ensaaladas en 4 erestaurantes en iowa y nebrkaska no en bolsa de supermercado . >> eal regreso , rescatan a mic michoacÁn de la viuolenolencai pero d diden cen que son palabras . >> mile .. r criusissis de violencia en michoacÁn esta sin par
Aug 20, 2013 6:30pm PDT
artÍculo 2 secciÓn una solamente las personas que sean ciudadanas por nacimiento que hallan sido ciudadana al tiempo de adoptarse esta constituciÓn serÁn aptos para el cargo de presidentes. >> muchos expertos constitucionales interpreta que debido que su madre naciÓ en delaware, adquiriÓ la ciudadanÍa y podrÍa aspirar a la presidencia, no obstante, que es un hecho que es canadiense y otros dicen que no podrÍa tener una doble ciudadanÍa y pretender ser presidente. >> muchos argumentan que no estÁn completamente comprometidos con los estados unidos. >> cruz de 42 aÑos de edad anunciÓ que iba a renunciar a su ciudadanÍa canadiense. >> (declaraciÓn en pantalla) >> esto recuerda la situaciÓn del presidente obama quiÉn aunque naciÓ en territorio estadounidense ultra conservadores conocidos cuestionan la veracidad de su certificado de nacimiento y se preguntan incluso si naciÓ en kenya. >> la un coherencia que le cayeron o obama por no nacer en estados unidos y entonces ahora cuando se enteran de ted cruz no forman el mismo ruido. >> 3 aÑos antes de la prÓxima elecciÓn preside
Aug 1, 2013 1:00pm PDT
you to reject this proposal. thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> again, be have sean scott, dennis westry, turner, kevin. if you could please be lined up against the wall and be ready to go. >> good morning commissioners. my name is james and i'm a 4th generation san franciscon and a retired administrator having served at middle school for the past 13 years. in 2009 i was approved by the first tea of san francisco board of directors and asked if our school would become partners with the firts tea of san francisco and develop a first tea center at the school for the benefit of elementary and middle schools in the vegetation neighborhoods. as you know vegetation middle schools backed up to clairen park. with the approval of the san francisco district, this partnership was developed into a great san francisco success story. the first tea installed that needed equipment, the school site over $300,000 in materials and golf sports equipment. today over 1,500 lowen come students from the bay area, hunters point and vegetation area have learned to play golf in this area.
Aug 19, 2013 8:00am EDT
sobrinos. >>> eso. >>> y quiero que sean parte de esto tambiÉn. >>> te queremos ana te queremos. >>> queremos pachanga, y ser testigos de la boda. >>> tÚ vas a poner la luna de miel. (risas) >>> eso, venga. >>> y recuerda que siempre sean novios, es muy importante, que aÚn se casen. >>> sÍ. >>> que tengan el romanticismo para siempre. >>> felicidades, a a tu hermano que lo amo, una gran pareja para anita, la mejor pareja dal mundo. >>> vÁmonos, comienza la mujer, me puso nervioso este asunto, comienza la "la mujer del vendaval" en univisiÓn, miren la pareja muy enamorada, y los protagonistas, mi querido pepe ron. >>> sÍ, y tambiÉn comienzan ellos clases, le decimos, logrando una mejor comunicaciÓn para sus hijos. y comidas que te desinflan, llega claudia gonzÁlez, quÉ alimentos impedirÁn que te infles. lo inflada que estamos. >>> necesito esa receta. >>> y el lunes de grandes sorpresas, luis fonsi, mi tocayo nos canta, me estoy equivocando con los nervios del matrimonio, canta, canta en vivo desde nueva york. >>> en times square. ♪. ♪. ♪. >>> te tengo otra notic
Aug 16, 2013 7:00pm PDT
'm a firm believer that marijuana has actually saved my son's life. >> chaz's father, sean. >> his quality of life now is 1,000 times better than what it was when he was on the pharmaceuticals. >> a quality of life that paige figge desperately wanted for her daughter charlotte. but she still had one hurdle to cross, convincing dispensary owners like the stanleys to sell marijuana to a 5-year-old little girl. >> when charlotte's mother called my brother, joel, the brothers had a meeting and said tell us about this patient. she's 5 years old he said, and we said, no, we can't do that. >> why? it was the fear of the unknown. charlotte was the youngest patient at the time wanting marijuana. would it be too much for her? or would it change her life forever? we'll find that out later, but, first, learn more about what marijuana does to your kids' brain and yours as well. jackie: there are plenty of things i prefer to do on my own. but when it comes to investing, i just think it's better to work with someone. someone you feel you can really partner with. unfortunately, i've found that some broker
FOX News
Aug 11, 2013 12:00am PDT
mistrust that the grassroots movement has, no offense, sean -- >> none taken. >> -- that the grassroots movement has with the republican party on this because there's a lot of things they feel they've kind of compromised on before. and whenever it comes to the discussion of compromise in washington, d.c., it's always it seems republicans who have to give up the most. democrats have to give up the least. >> is that, though, because the republicans only have one half of the house? i mean, they've got the house. but they don't have the senate. they don't have the white house. i mean, the fact is you've got to own all the moving parts if you want to call the shots. >> elections have consequences. that's why when i hear some individuals -- we had 3 million republicans that just didn't go out and vote this election. we lost swing states by a couple of hundred thousand votes. those were votes we could have gotten. we could have won those states. so yeah, elections do have consequences. we don't control the senate. so we can't sit here and demand we're going to have a repeal because there's no
FOX News
Aug 16, 2013 2:00pm PDT
across the country. yesterday, its organizer sat down with sean hannity to talk about it. he tried to say they just want justice. he told sean hannity we are standing to show we're muslim, denounce terrorism and stand with solidarity that we were victimized 9/11. sean hannity challenged him, said that's not exactly what your statement said. we called care, a moderate muslim organization for comment. they said, eric, they are not getting involved in this rally at all. they have nothing to do with it. they call him an antisemite whack job. he was on "fox and friends" this morning. this is a little strange. >> to be clear, dr. suti isn't part of care, care doesn't want to get involved, it isn't a muslim march, it is a 9/11 truther convention that's going to happen in d.c. i watched that interview with sean and the rabbi and him coming in afterwards. it is obvious what they're up to. trying to say we had nothing to do with 9/11, 19 radical islamists flew planes into the building killing 3,000 people. eventually you'll realize -- >> you listen to that guy, i think dana's point is right, i don'
FOX News
Aug 26, 2013 6:00pm PDT
between the republicans and the democrats. >> sadly, sean, there is one difference. right now the people fighting the hardest against defunding obamacare are republicans. the republicans are all shooting at those who are trying to work with the grass roots to stop this disaster of a bill that is killing jobs and driving up insurance rates and hurting the american people. how do we win? first we get 41 republicans in the senate to stand together and the only way to do that is to get millions of americans to go online and hold our officials accountable. but once millions of americans are energized, they can hold democrats accountable. if you are up for elections in arkansas and louisiana and you start getting calls from 5,000 or 10,000 or 50,000, this looks very, very different. i agree with you. we are running out of time. i want to get this in. i know a lot has been made of the fact that your birth certificate and you have renounwned your canadian citizenship. but it is interesting how many democrats do not want you to get into the race for the presidency. let me play for you the comment
Aug 27, 2013 11:00pm PDT
pasa con está?. >> no tienen la certeza de que sean sus hijos, para eso pidieron un peritaje. >> pedimos un segundo peritaje extranjero. >> solo en este instante encontraran la paz los maestros en méxico se manifiestan en distintas méxico también suspendieron el partido de los pumas. >> no hay policía para resguardar los estadios. >> el vientre de la madre es la primera escuela para los bebeés úpx ♪ muchos leen obras literarias a sus hijos o le ponen música y esto es bueno para ellos, lo que podría ayudar a la dislexia. >> guillermo quiroz ya está listo. >> buenas noches de martes, hay ondas tropicales, así que por ahora no tienen formación pero hay nubosidad, y lluvias en nevada, el panorana es estable en california, el sistema se alejará el jueves, nuevamente seco y caluroso, hoy 57 grados, para mañana 71 grados, próximos 5 días este es el panorama,. se mantiene fresco en la costa, en san josé 75 grados, estable y se mantiene estable, noticias agradables. >> hay más detalles regresamos ♪ pñxñññoo ♪ vamos a un poso para la babacoa porque los
FOX News
Aug 13, 2013 12:00am EDT
stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: do you believe america is in a post-constitutional period and that there is this was anticipated by our framers in 1787 and there is a mechanism created that would allow amendments to begin in the states? i'm not explaining it as well as you. >> i think we need to stop fooling ourselves i've read other books, you look at the government today it's not a representative repub lichblgt you've got a massive bureaucracy pushing out thousands of laws. you look at the supreme court jun one justice issues these breath taking laws that have affect on the entirety of vote soet. you have the president of the united states brazenly rewriting laws and saying if congress doesn't act, he will act. then have you congress writing massive laws under the cover of dark issuing them quickly on matters they don't have right to legislate about and conferring enormous authority delegating lawmaker authorities to executive branch. it's not really a federal republic. and for 100 years progressive movement have been chiseling away at
Aug 15, 2013 7:00pm PDT
debate moderators, rush limbaugh, sean hannity, and mark levine. they're serious. >>> and later, rand paul says who the greatest defender of minority rights is. but he is not very worried about voting rights. >>> and bravo, andy cohen just turned down a job hosting a tv show in russia in protest of russia's anti-gay laws. we raise black and red angus cattle. we also produce natural gas. that's how we make our living and that's how we can pass the land and water back to future generations. people should make up their own mind what's best for them. all i can say is it has worked well for us. with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced. i don't always have time to eat like i should. and the more i focus on everything else, the less time i have to take care of me. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes. glucerna products help me keep everything balanced. [ golf clubs clanking ] [ husband ] i'm good! well, almost everything. [ male announcer ] glucerna. delicious shakes and bars. helping people with diabetes find balance
Aug 20, 2013 5:00pm EDT
. prentiss: previously on "criminal minds"... garcia: emily, this call for you from a sean mcallister came to my phone accidentally. it sounded very important. sean. i was gonna call you back. i just--i got busy on a case. ian doyle vanished from prison. am i in danger? we all are. sean thinks we're all in danger. but i was the only one who had any personal connection to him. as far as doyle is concerned, lauren reynolds died in a car accident. you died and we're all good. i want to hear you say it. lauren dead. who's lauren reynolds? [speaking french] [i want to talk to sean] they got her. drop the phone. get on the ground, now. tsia? he's gone. jeremy's dead. how long have we been talking? you've gotta get out of there. oh, god. it's doyle, isn't it? toss that cell phone and get home safely. morgan: prentiss, what's going on with you? i've been watching you the last couple of days and something is obviously bothering you. derek, because i like you, i'm going to ask you not to do this. [classical piano playing] [no dialogue audio, piano continues] [hits discordant notes] [elev
Aug 7, 2013 4:00am PDT
peacefully at home on monday. christine and sean moved up their wedding by a year so logan could be their best man over the weekend. >> we held him. sean held him. we held him together. we were on the couch and sean kept saying it's okay, it's okay to go, logan. >> yeah, because at that point i made -- i've already made my peace with god, you know. i was accepting the fact that he needed it more than we did and that, you know, one day i will see him again, i believe that. >> logan had battled leukemia and another rare disease. >>> this morning an intense search is lee dimaggio. authorities believe he killed a woman or child and abducted one or both of her children. on tuesday the children's father who was a friend of dimaggio pleaded for their return. >> the damage is done. i'm begging you to let my daughter go. you've taken everything else. >> reporter: brett anderson begged his friend james dimaggio to turn himself in. dimaggio is suspected of setting fire to his home 65 miles east of san diego on sunday. inside were the remains of christina anderson and a child. authorities a
Aug 21, 2013 6:00pm PDT
entre una y 4 de la maÑana que es requisito que los trenes sean inspeccionado s y reciban mantenimiento. blanca ---aumenta el numero de personas que operan como contratistas sin tener las credenciales expedidas por el estado y las consecuencias podrian ser graves, pues muchos de ellos caen en redadas que los llevan a prision take 2 box ---angel ayllon, desde san jose, nos dice porque.. adelante angel. take pkg ;01 ;14 ;25 1; 22 1;51 2;00 trt 2;12 blanca ---tiempo de la primera pausa , pero mas adelante... take vo ---la legislatura de california toma medidas para que todas las limusinas en california sean seguras. take vo ---las auto-defensas en mexico podrian estar recibiendo fondos desde estados unidos que hacen posible sus operaciones. take live vo ---recuerde que personal de siren ahora se encuentra en nuestros estudios para contestarle en vivo todas sus preguntas sobre el proceso de ciudadania, solo tiene que llamar al 1- 800-548-48-84. topvo blanca blanca ---mire usted como este auto termino metiendose a un hogar en las colinas de oakland esta tarde. ---el choque causo un incendio
Aug 22, 2013 6:30pm PDT
que jÓvenes sean criminales, sin embargo, en el bar sÍ se traficaban drogas. >> uno de los dueÑos fue asesinado, otros dos estÁn en la cÁrcel junto a tres trabajadores. >> las familias de secuestrados, no pierden la esperanza de verlos regresar con vida. >> se los llevaron vivos y vivos los queremos. >> aunque la verdad latina los muertos que ya encontraron, en mÉxico raÚl torres, telemundo. >> cada dÍa 1200 mexicanos son deportados de estados unidos a su paÍs de origen, esto segÚn el instituto cional de migraciÓn de mÉxico, muchos tienen que empezar de cero, sin dinero, sin trabajo y con mÁs responsabilidades que cuando cruzaron la frontera, no solo son migrantes quiÉnes se ven afectados sino tambiÉn comunidades azotadas por el desempleo, carlos botifoll amplia. >> para gerardo bautista la suya ha sido una vida de sufrimiento desde que fue deportado de estados unidos y devuelto a mÉxico de un dÍa para otro te cambia todo mÁs que nada lo devastador que mis hijas quedaron allÁ. >> segÚn el instituto de migraciÓn muy mÉxico 1200 mexicanos son repatriados cada dÍa, ma
Aug 26, 2013 6:00pm PDT
accidente del avion de asiana en san francisco. take vo ---los investigadore s aseguran que "sean crudup" y "ray-chas thomas" robaron equipaje de varias personas cuyos vuelos fueron desviados luego del accidente en julio. ---la policia encontr ropa de los pasajeron en la casa de los acusados quienes al parecer canjearon ropa de una reconocida tienda. take vo blanca ---varios agentes de policia de san francisco han incluido en su equipo de servicio, camaras de video... ---las camaras se encuentran adheridas a su chaleco y seran activadas cuando los agentes efectuen algun tipo de requisas... ---esta video camaras serviran para evitar que se cometan abusos y asi disminuir las quejas de los residentes... ---el departamento fue investigado luego de que en un video aparecian varios agentes ingresando a una casa sin una orden judicial. cesar ---durante esta semana, el consulado de mexico en san jose junto a funcionarios estatales, federales, locales, asi como agencias gubernamenta les y organizacione s comunitarias estaran participando en la semana nacional de derechos laborales. take vo ---el pro
Aug 4, 2013 7:30am PDT
to sean who is here from my staff who spent hours and hours and hours working with yo yashida. (applaus >> at the end of the day this is and sean re partred with apple-liscious who came up with a good idea and we believe it is one of the most powerful mobile applications certainly in the parks world and maybe in government. and right now it's primarily focused on information with a little bit of reservations but it's going to be able to do so much more over time as we continue to evolve as a department. so, love your parks. download one of these things. and let me introduce yo yashid, a. let me say to all of you out here keep doing what you're doing * . because with your help you are really making government better. so, i wanted to say thank you to the hatchery and everybody in this room. yo? (applause) >> thank you, thank you, mayor ed lee. thank you, phil ginsberg and the hatchery for hosting us. i use open data. our company was founded three years ago using open data. we are one of the first sustainable companies to use open data and be sustainable innovation, meaning we can generate
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